Shai Ignatz | Shaul

Shai Ignatz | Shaul | Solo Exhibition

Tel Aviv Artists’ Studio

Curated by Vered Zafran-Gani

Opening: 26.12.2015

Closing: 30.1.2016

Multi-layering is a common approach in photography to examine the relation between the surface and what lies beyond. The exhibition Shaul by Shai Ignatz focuses mainly on the fact that the surface itself is also a reflection, and perhaps, at times, we tend to miss quite a bit by putting too much effort in analyzing surfaces in photography: connecting between layers of air, glass, water, light objects, elements that appear transparent turn into almost tangible filters in many of the exhibited works.

Ignatz’s stern ability to identify certain lighting situations and to refine their hidden messages is constantly repeated in many forms. The places, objects and small amount of figures all decisively contradict a clear narrative. The suggestions brought by the photographs and videos are mainly of work: the practice of photography. The repetitive click of still photographs portrayed in a video documenting an actual work process, and as such we don’t see its results only the process of photography, whose result, the still photographs we hear and sometimes see, is left to our imagination. Confronted with other photographs, whose process we can only imagine but its outcomes, lighting and reflections, present us a moment that has passed, yet remains documented.

A complex relation of times and places that have been carefully gathered, bond the ties of collecting, conservation, reference to human obsession with beauty and death, with a vibrant and lively system, mostly present ironically, beyond the visible.

Vered Zafran Gani.