Shai Ignatz | Monsieur Léri

Shai Ignatz | Monsieur Léri | Solo Exhibition

Curated by Leah Abir

Opening: 29.6.2012

Closing: 21.7.2012


Ignatz’s first project organized by Parasite was a solo show presented in July 2012 in Tel Aviv. The exhibition was housed in the empty rooms of an old apartment building in central Tel Aviv, then in the final stages of renovation works. It comprised several recent photographic series, mainly of direct portraits, and videos.

At the focus of the exhibition was the notion of the ‘photographic session’ – an element that stresses the direct and exclusive relationships formed between the photographer and his subjects. This aspect, present in Ignatz’s work throughout, construes the photographic series as the fruit of an extended, time-based encounter taking place in a shared place, which is all but hidden from the viewer. This focus on the photographic encounter stressed Ignatz’s discernment of the subtleties of the subject’s identity, both inward and outward.

The exhibition reconsidered several display modes, eschewing the painterly conventions of printing and hanging in favor of an inquiry into the unique characteristics of a protracted photographic encounter and its consequential products. Featuring prints, videos and a book, it offered diverse modes by which the multifaceted medium of photography may be displayed.


Please click here to view Shai Ignatz’s Video work.