Ada Ovadia | Luminol

Ada Ovadia | Luminol | Solo Exhibition

Nahum Gutman Museum of Art.

Curated by Monica Lavi

Opening: 17.7.2014

Closing: 8.11.2014


From the exhibition text:

Ada Ovadia’s paintings unfold a world of nightmarish adventures in which people, animals, and objects activate one another in closed ecosystems of anger, rage, anxiety, and healing. The images populating her painterly world erupt from a consciousness on the verge of explosion; they split into series of paintings in which new images are generated at a dizzying speed, sucking the viewer into a world in which Hannah Szenes and a paratrooper pig come to the rescue, and crafty rabbits, with rifles in hand, hide in military night camps, awaiting some vague opportunity.

Ovadia is inspired by cinema and by televised documentary crime reconstructions, and the title of the show, Luminol, refers to this context. The luminol is a luminescent substance used to detect traces of invisible blood in crime scenes due to its tendency to glow when coming into contact with hemoglobin iron-colors. Luminol is present in Ovadia’s painterly scenes, where it illuminates dark sites in a world constantly swarming with eternal forces of evil, which shift from place to place, hide, and change form, leaving tangled, fantastic traces behind.



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