Ada Ovadia

Ovadia’s paintings unfold a world of nightmarish adventures in which people, animals, and objects activate one another in closed ecosystems of anger, rage, anxiety, and healing. The images populating her painterly world erupt from a consciousness on the verge of explosion; they split into series of paintings in which new images are generated at a dizzying speed. The viewer may attempt to make his way in the tangle of figures and plots, with no guarantee that deciphering it will bring him closer to the artist’s encoded, hermetic world. Crutches, pearl necklaces, naked  Majas, lipsticks, tracer bullets, skeletons – all these and more are animated and personified in her paintings, generating a narrative thicket at once amusing and scary, cheerful and macabre, cunning and innocent. Death is constantly present in Ovadia’s paintings, as are suffering and pain, alongside irony, wit, joking and laughter, and horrified grins.