Tchelet Ram | Yaballe- HaMidrasha Gallery- 19 HaYarkon, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2017

Yikes (2017, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv) stemmed from a previous group exhibition titled Cherries that was curated by Boaz Arad and took place at the same space.

Ram asked seven artists\colleagues\friends to leave their works in the gallery’s space so that she could approach them anew. Each art work required a different sculptural approach. The exhibition included a collaborative work with Shahar Yahalom that first appeared in Cherries.

Yikes sparked emotions and thoughts concerning art and inspiration, community and relationships. Works by Lihi Turjeman, Elad Larom, Harel Luz, Ruti De Vries, Abigail Hopkins, Naama Arad and Eran Nave.


Photo credit: Tal Nisim