Eran Nave Artist Statement

Its only in my head, maybe it doesn’t exist
I don’t know what is happening, nothing happens until something happens
Suddenly patches of paint form a composition, figures appear
And one great moment that makes problems float and remain, like a break that was cut just in time
Erase paint erase paint and suddenly something different
That is how my paintings are one drawing that is left on many erased paintings
Many failures, many wipe outs, much destruction
(Human situations, no more than two or three, an inconsistency to which I am loyal)
Sometimes I write down sentences
Beyond the truth
All that three forms could coexist to become one event or performance
And I don’t care what you think – its a fox
Every full moon we get our paychecks
I try to make something that is without trace and without inhibition
The painting is spontaneous, and so are words that I write or a musical pattern that sticks
This practice  is about developing instincts to find something, and strength to hold on to the thing that was caught, not letting it slip away
Sometimes on the next day its not enough and what was caught disappears
My memory from the struggle stays like when something stays it stays for good
Lack of attention leads to a painting that happens at once
The instinct which leads me a random combination of lines surprises me I give in and make a
A sum of mistakes can lead to a satisfying moment
Even the erasures expose layers that I forgot
I didn’t expect
Also the snake
This spiral
I made one video it is also a sculpture and a short story and also it can be described in words and still it bring catharsis
Its a joke its a tragedy its also a limbo
I was the constructor of my own ideas
Now I don’t want to make one statement
One thing leads to another
If I put things aside they exist simultaneously
The motivation to do it is what guides me
Relation to existing objects
Objects that look like the thing itself as it appears in the consciousness
The way we imagine a wanderer’s sackcloth
Cultural baggage
Wanting to make something and break it apart the breaking is salvation from its own tragedy of being itself and validated
The tape recorder drops a scream which is horror and relief
I was indifferent towards it and only used it for my scream
And it fell, not me
Boredom is valuable